There is a high chance that every business owner will sooner or later be in dire need of commercial photography and a product photographer; Well, worry not, for marketing planet agency is here to take care of it! Our team of professional photographers will take care of all your image needs.

Commercial Photography

This broad term refers to photography aiming to promote or sell goods and services. Any business with a marketing plan requires commercial photography, from outdoor advertisements like billboard campaigns to promoting a product on its website.

Types of commercial photography

Types of commercial photography

Product photography

The most straightforward and descriptive form of commercial photography, as its goal is to show the product and all the necessary visual and physical details to customers. You don’t want people to get the wrong idea by looking at your product image on your website, but you must also present your product desirably.


More conceptual than product photography, this type of commercial photography aims to tell a story by communicating an emotion or mood. There are many great examples of this, like Chupa Chup’s fantastic campaign for their sugar-free lollipop.

Note that the ants are not only keeping their distance from the lollipop but also walking in the direction of the brand’s logo and guiding the viewer’s attention to it.


There are various reasons for needing professional headshots, which are portrait pictures taken for a professional setting.

Fashion photography

Dedicated to showcasing clothing and accessories intended to sell, fashion photos range from e-commerce shots made for brand websites, usually simple front and back images with a model wearing the item on a white background, to high-fashion photo shoots.

Food photography

Food industry brochures, product packaging, online menus and delivery services all need appetizing pictures of the food they represent.

Real Estate

Most real estate photography is for selling and renting real estate, but pictures of hotels and resorts for advertising to tourists are also a part of this category.

Environmental Portraits

These portraits capture subjects in their natural habitat, like their workplace or home, instead of a studio. Good environmental portraits tell a story to illuminate the subject’s work, surroundings and life.

Product Photographer

As previously stated, product photography is a form of commercial photography to present an item or items in the most complete and desirable way. As photos are a crucial part of purchasing decisions, and the quality of a product photo is one of the most important reflections of your brand image, you need a professional product photographer to take care of them. One that takes all the aspects of a great shot, like proper lighting, background, advantageous camera angles and editing, into careful consideration.

Product Photographer responsibilities

Product Photographer responsibilities

  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Researching the product
  • Acquiring and arranging the necessary props and models
  • Choosing the right background and context
  • Matching the brand’s image in their photos
  • Careful editing
  • Taking feedback from the clients and improving the pictures based on them

Types of product photography

Types of product photography

White Background

There is a reason that the most iconic and prevalent type of product photography is the white background shot. It is simple, clear and easy to do, and you can create a  knockout of the product, which shows the product as if it is floating, drawing eyes to the product details with nothing else to focus on. Most product images on Amazon and other e-commerce websites use the white background technique.

Group Shots

When taking photos of a product with different variations (like mugs in different colours or shades of makeup), it is a good idea to take group shots so the customer can compare all the options in one image. Another usage of the group shot is to show off a collection of products, perfect for advertisement and social media posts.

Real environment or contextual photography

Lifestyle or in-context product photos show the product used in a matter and place they were designed for. Showing the item as it would be used in daily life rather than against a plain white background can be pretty convincing if it is done in an attractive and welcoming way.


A modern style of product photography, encapsulating all the different angles and features of the product. Taking shots of the product from various angles and sides and then editing and processing them to create a single image creates a 360-degree shot of the product.

Detail Shots

Suppose the product has small features or fine details that need showcasing. In that case, a detail shot can show them to help the customer fully appreciate all the specific features and characteristics of it.

Scale Shots

It can be hard to know the size of a product from a picture, and that is where scale shots come in. They show how big or small the product is relative to its environment.

Packaging Shots

Since products are delivered to customers’ addresses in e-commerce, it is essential that they come in a package that not only fully protects them but also sells the brand. Well, if you put all that work into creating the perfect package for your product, why not use it for advertising and selling it?

If you are looking for commercial and product photographers in Vancouver, you have come to the right place. Marketing Planet Agency specializes in high-level professional commercial photography. You can see samples of our work on this page or contact us to access our complete portfolio. It does not matter what type of commercial photography you need; we will take care of all your product photography needs, from fashion and lifestyle to editorial and group shots.


1) What are the benefits of product photography?

The first thing people check on e-commerce websites and social media are pictures of a product; reading its features and details comes later. And sometimes, a well-shot photo is worth more than a thousand words.

2) Can commercial photography be done by myself?

Of course, it is possible to take product shots and commercial photos by yourself; depending on the size of your business and your budget, it’s recommended to hire the help of a professional so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.