Auto decals are outdoor stickers that are put on cars to advertise a business or decorate the car itself. Depending on the quality of the decal, they can last several years before giving up to wear and tear. A durable decal made from vinyl and adhesive can last up to 6 years. Decals can be put on windows or the body of a vehicle.


The difference between stickers and decals

The difference between stickers and decals

In short, all decals are stickers, but not all stickers are decals! In the past, stickers were typically made from paper and adhesives and turned into sheets. We can make stickers from more rigid materials such as polyester and vinyl, thanks to improved technology. This allows stickers to last much more than they were used to.

A typical car sticker has two layers. A decorative layer on the front with adhesive on its back to stick, and a second paper layer on the back which is peeled off before sticking it onto a surface. On the other hand, auto decals generally have three layers; in addition to the two regular layers of the sticker, they have an additional paper layer on the front to protect the design.

Auto decals are typically manufactured by a thermal color printer using latex inks or by an eco-solvent printing process. Afterwards, they are printed on vinyl or clear polyester. This is why auto decals last so much longer than typical stickers.

The purpose of decals and stickers remains the same: to express your taste and make a statement or for marketing purposes. People put stickers on many things other than cars, such as laptops and phones, but decals are perfect for vehicles due to their tough and durable nature, which is ideal for outdoor conditions.

What is auto decal marketing?

Simply put, it is the use of decals on cars, trucks, vans, and other automobiles to advertise a business. Auto decals can be used to promote products, services, politicians, causes, sports teams, and anything else you desire.


What are the benefits of auto decal marketing?

What are the benefits of auto decal marketing?

  • They appeal to an audience with which you might have no contact. An audience which might not use social media or listen to the podcasts that you advertise on. Anyone who goes outside could see your decal and become a protentional customer.
  • Auto decals have incredible ROI. As car stickers are inexpensive to make and typically last a long time, they can advertise your business without needing more investment if you put them on your car.
  • They are an excellent tool for advertising by using your current customers. If you have a great design that people like, you can give decals out to your most enthusiastic customers and encourage them to put them on their cars. Not only do you impress them by giving out free goodies, but if they use it, it is free advertising for your business.


What are the best practices for designing auto decals?

What are the best practices for designing auto decals?

  • Avoid putting too much text on them. As decals are typically placed on cars, you don’t want people trying to read an entire paragraph while on the road!
  • Keep the design simple. Same as above, you want a simple design that a glance can understand.
  • The correct use of colours. Compared to the car body’s paint, you want to use contrasting colours so the decal will pop out.

Although it is possible to apply and remove auto decals yourself, you can hire professionals to take care of it. This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging the paint or the design.

At Marketing Planet Agency, we’ve served Vancouver with the highest-quality decals for over five years. Anything from full car wraps to simple vinyl stickers, designing auto decals and applying them, we can easily take care of them for you. Our decals use high-quality, fade and weather-resistant materials, making for a long-lasting product. We create and serve car decals for both personal and commercial use. Contact us for a free consultation if you’re interested in using our auto decal services. If you’re a business owner, you might be interested in our other services, such as social media marketing and branding.

Auto Decals frequently asked questions

How to apply an auto decal?

  1. Remove any dirt and dust from the target surface area by thoroughly cleaning it with water and soap. If any remain, there’s a chance of them being trapped between the adhesive layer of the sticker and the surface you’re putting it on, lowering the lifetime of the decal. Avoid using cleaning products that will leave a residue because they can prevent the adhesive from working correctly.
  2. Remove any protentional air bubbles from the sticker by firmly using a card, just like when putting on glass protection on your phone.
  3. Remove the paper layer from the decorative layer you’re putting on your car.
  4. Stick the remaining design layer where you want. You should put it on a flat surface and avoid putting stickers on cracks. Similar to step 2, you should use a card or a similar object to remove any air bubbles between the adhesive and the target surface area.
  5. Rest the decal by waiting a few minutes; this allows the adhesive to work its magic.
  6. Carefully and slowly peel the remaining paper layer on the design. Should the decal accidentally pull off, repeat steps 4 and 5.

Can you remove auto decals from a car?

Although decals use a strong adhesive that allows them to stick to your car for an extended period, if you follow safety precautions, they can be easily removed from the surface of your car without damaging it. One thing to keep in mind is that auto decals are not reusable. Once you weaken the adhesive and remove the decal from a surface, you cannot reuse the same sticker. To remove a sticker from a car, you need to weaken the adhesive by heating it with a hair dryer and carefully scraping it from the surface without damaging the paint. Here is an excellent guide for removing decals from your car.