Marketing Data Analysis Services

At Marketing Planet, we harness the power of data to drive business growth and innovation. Our expert data experts and analysts work closely with you to turn complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Turning Data into Decisions

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

1.Custom GA4 & Tag Manager Setup and Audit:

Tailored configuration based on your business objectives & rigorous audits for optimal performance and accuracy.

2. Advanced Google Ads Conversion Tracking:

State-of-the-art tracking methods for precise measurement of advertising effectiveness.

3. Integration of Web Tools:

We are implementing tools like Clarity, online chats, and more for enhanced user engagement.

4. PPC Dashboard in Looker Studio:

Custom PPC dashboards integrated proper data for decision-making on the effectiveness of each campaign or the overall performance or ROI.

5. Search Console Dashboard for SEO

Proper dashboard on the effectiveness of the SEO practices.

6. Comprehensive Event Tracking

Custom event tracking on your website.

7. GA4 and BigQuery Seamless Integration:

Efficient data handling and advanced analysis capabilities through GA4 and BigQuery integration.

8. ROAS and Customer Lifetime Value Calculation:

Sophisticated analyses for understanding ad spend profitability and long-term customer value.

9.Event Cleaning and Ethical Data Usage in Tag Manager:

Ensuring data integrity and compliance through meticulous event cleaning and ethical data practices.

10. Monthly Performance Analysis with AI-Driven Insights:

AI-powered analysis provides actionable insights and optimization strategies.

11. Event Tracking Validation and A/B Testing:

Ensuring accuracy of past events and conducting A/B testing for continuous improvement.

12. Ecommerce Analytics for Full Sales Funnel Tracking:

In-depth tracking of your sales funnel to optimize the customer journey.

13. Advanced SQL Analysis for Data-Driven Strategies:

Deep dive into data with SQL for comprehensive business strategies.


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