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We provide a wide range of scraping services. Having the right tools and services empowers your business and company to gain a superb competitive advantage compared to your competition in the modern age of artificial intelligence-manipulated data world. We provide you with the latest technology in extracting and categorizing targeted data to help you make critical decisions for the lucrative long-term strategy you desire.

Our Services

Our features and benefits

1. Datasets

Datasets are customized and automatically provided for your business activities. We provide you with a wide range of data sets such as company information, website listings, news, email address listings, etc.

2. Web scraping

Fast and reliable web scraping allows you to automatically extract data from any website. The main advantage of working with Scraper 1 is that our team optimizes the scraping process to give you the best results every time.

3. Custom development

We have created the best data scraping solutions for every customer. Custom web scrapers are generally intended to help companies use technology and take advantage of the digital market.

4. Monitoring

To research your industry, monitor your competitors’ pricing and marketing activity. We have developed an extensive line of web data mining software that is integrated directly into your existing applications or supported as a standalone product.

5. Performance

Efficiency is the main concern of today’s businesses. You can’t waste time and money mining or managing data about business operations and growth.

6. Saving time

Let yourself and your colleagues save time from the mundane and tedious tasks of data mining. Time management is a real issue, by using web scraping you get more time on your hands to focus on more important tasks.

What is Web Scraping

What do we Offer?

Web scraping, also known as data scraping, is an automated process used to gather substantial data from websites. As of 2023, this technique stands as one of the most effective methods for data extraction from online sources. It plays a crucial role for numerous businesses and individuals, thanks to its capability to swiftly and effectively collect online information. This approach is particularly vital in executing market research, aiding in lead generation for sales and marketing departments, and supporting price tracking in competitive sectors like retail and travel.

Our team initially collects your specific project requirements.
Our experienced web data scraping specialists then write the necessary scrapers and establish the infrastructure to gather and organize your data as per your specifications.
Finally, we deliver the structured data in your preferred format and at the frequency you require.

The adaptability and scalability of web scraping ensure that even the most particular project requirements can be effortlessly met.
For instance, e-commerce business intelligence managers utilize web-scraped data for competitor pricing analysis, investors use it to research and assess investment opportunities, and marketing teams gain a competitive edge with in-depth insights. This growing reliance on web scraping is becoming an integral part of routine business operations.

For companies that depend on insights from web data, outsourcing your web scraping needs is often the most effective approach.

Price Intelligence

Gathering product and pricing details from e-commerce websites and transforming this information into actionable intelligence is a crucial aspect for contemporary e-commerce businesses.

Marketing Research

Market research is essential and should be powered by the most accurate data possible. Data scraping provides this, offering high-quality, voluminous.

Alternative data for finance

Discovering alpha and significantly generating value through web data is now specifically tailored for investors.

Real estate

The last two decades have seen a significant digital transformation in the real estate sector, posing a potential disruption to traditional firms.

News & content monitoring

In today’s fast-paced media environment, a single news cycle can significantly impact a business, either by creating exceptional value or posing an existential threat.

Lead generation

We highly prioritize our clients’ time and diligently strive to address their concerns internally, sparing them unnecessary inconvenience.

Business automation

In certain scenarios, accessing data can be challenging, especially if you need to extract it from your own or your partner’s website in a structured format.

MAP monitoring

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring is a crucial practice to ensure that a brand’s online prices are consistent with its pricing policies.

How scraping works in action?

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