Canadian Academy of Protocol & Event Management

The Canadian Academy of Protocol & Events is a distinguished institution dedicated to setting new standards in protocol and events management services. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they bring a wealth of expertise to the forefront, covering a spectrum of essential domains.


Building a World Class Website & Brand


The client approached us with a clear vision for the look and feel of his ideal website. After thoroughly understanding his desired outcome, our team set to work and successfully delivered exactly what the client envisioned.

Project Details:

In this WordPress project, featuring extensive custom CSS and animations, we leveraged our proprietary theme. We also integrated the client's sites with various data collection platforms, including Search Console, GA4, and Microsoft Clarity, to enhance performance tracking and insights.


Showcase screenshots or interactive demos of the website design. Include before-and-after images if applicable to demonstrate improvements or redesigns.


Building a World Class Website & Brand

Mr Abdel Karim Awwad, President & Owner of Protocol & Events, requested that we design a logo that not only stands out but also embodies elements of royalty, similar to the distinctive style of a Bijan brand logo.

The Bijan logo is known for its elegance and exclusivity, often characterized by its use of sophisticated script fonts, a rich color palette that typically includes gold or black, and an overall design that exudes luxury and high-end appeal. The logo often incorporates a distinctive emblem or monogram, which adds a personal touch and reinforces the brand’s identity as a symbol of opulence and bespoke craftsmanship.

In response, our team collaborated closely to develop and integrate all the necessary elements that would highlight these luxurious features in the logo. This involved selecting rich colors, incorporating elegant motifs, and choosing a font that conveys sophistication and exclusivity, ensuring that the final design perfectly represents the client’s vision of opulence and distinction.

For the Protocol and Events logo, our team has incorporated similar elements to align with the luxury and sophistication found in the Bijan brand. We’ve chosen a script font that flows elegantly, evoking a sense of refinement and exclusivity. The color scheme mirrors the new trendy color, utilizing a deep, luxurious light blue accented with white to convey prestige and high status. Furthermore, the inclusion of a unique emblem that blends classical design elements with modern aesthetics helps to establish a strong brand identity, much like the Bijan logo. This emblem is not only memorable but also reflects the sophistication and high standards typical of exclusive events and protocol services, ensuring that every detail of the logo communicates luxury and exclusivity.

Logo Design


Business Card


Website Design

The goal of the Canadian Academy of Protocol and Event Management website was to present a polished and professional interface, reflecting its focus on luxury and professionalism. Its user interface (UI) is elegantly designed with a clean layout and a muted color palette that exudes sophistication. Navigation is intuitive, with clearly labeled sections for services, training, and consulting, enhancing the user experience (UX). The site effectively combines visual appeal with functionality, offering users a seamless and engaging experience as they explore the offerings of the academy.

Desktop Design

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Mobile Design

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Website Development

Technologies Used


List the technologies, tools, and platforms used in the project, such as programming languages, content management systems, design software, etc.


List the technologies, tools, and platforms used in the project, such as programming languages, content management systems, design software, etc.


List the technologies, tools, and platforms used in the project, such as programming languages, content management systems, design software, etc.

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The Canadian Academy of Protocol and Event Management's website and the newly designed logo for Protocol & Events are quintessential examples of how strategic design and branding can elevate a company's presence in the luxury market. The Academy's website, with its polished appearance and intuitive navigation, effectively mirrors the high standards and professionalism of its offerings. Similarly, the Protocol and Events logo, inspired by the renowned Bijan brand, communicates opulence and exclusivity through its sophisticated script, luxurious color palette, and unique emblem. These case studies demonstrate the power of thoughtful design in not only capturing the essence of luxury and professionalism but also in enhancing brand perception and user engagement. By seamlessly blending aesthetic elegance with functional excellence, both the website and the logo serve as influential marketing tools that significantly contribute to the overarching brand narrative.


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