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As a professional SEO services Calgary agency, Marketing Planet is the best SEO company in Calgary to handle your local SEO needs. Our experienced team of Calgary SEO consultants offers customized SEO solutions to help your business improve its online visibility and attract more local customers. We are a full-service Calgary SEO firm providing professional SEO services, including keyword research, technical SEO audits, competitor analysis, content creation, link building, and more. With our data-driven approach to Calgary SEO, we can create an effective strategy tailored to your business goals. Partner with Marketing Planet, a top SEO agency in Calgary, for exceptional SEO consultant services designed to connect you with local customers.


Why Choose Marketing Planet?

Each member of our team holds certifications in their respective field, ranging from Google Certifications to SEMRUSH and various specialized academies.

Our Process

Begin with a comprehensive audit, including both a technical and content audit, to identify elements that impact SEO performance. This involves improving site speed, and mobile responsiveness, handling duplicate content, and ensuring proper indexability.

In our process of keyword research and clustering, we employ cutting-edge techniques to uncover high-potential topics. This strategic approach enables us to comprehensively cover key topics and content gaps, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. By focusing on relevant, in-demand topics, we tailor our content strategies to effectively meet the needs and interests of target audiences, driving enhanced visibility and engagement.

Leveraging the latest SEO techniques, we craft and deliver premium content tailored to the evolving digital landscape. Our strategy revolves around trending topics, high-traffic potential themes, and subjects complementary to our website’s services, aiming to attract a targeted customer base. We strive to provide the most relevant and engaging answers to user queries, ensuring not only to satisfy user needs but also to optimize understanding for search engines. This dual-focused approach maximizes both user engagement and search engine visibility, creating a powerful synergy between content quality and SEO effectiveness.

Our approach to link building and optimization focuses on the creation and distribution of captivating content across social media platforms. We aim to raise awareness about our valuable content among a wider audience. Through content marketing techniques and viral marketing strategies, we assist businesses in acquiring links from prominent websites. By adhering to white-hat methods in branding, we effectively generate a significant number of backlinks, enhancing the online presence and authority of the businesses we work with. This method not only strengthens their SEO performance but also solidifies their brand reputation in the digital sphere.

Adapting to the latest algorithmic shifts, we maintain and enhance your website’s performance at its peak. Our experts conduct ongoing evaluations to keep you at the forefront of search results. By diligently tracking and analyzing key metrics, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your site’s continued dominance in search rankings and visibility. This proactive approach enables us to respond swiftly to new trends and changes in SEO, ensuring your online presence is not only maintained but consistently improved.

Case Study

Calgary SEO Services

Link Building Service in Calgary

Strengthen your online authority with Marketing Planet Agency’s Link Building Service in Calgary. As a leading Calgary SEO company, we specialize in building high-quality, relevant backlinks that boost your site’s credibility and SEO rankings. Our local SEO Calgary experts craft strategic link-building campaigns, ensuring your business stands out. Choose us for professional SEO services that drive real results in Calgary.

SEO Copywriting Service in Calgary

Transform your content into a powerful SEO tool with Marketing Planet Agency’s SEO Copywriting Service in Calgary. Our skilled Calgary SEO consultants craft compelling, keyword-rich copy that resonates with both your audience and search engines. As a top SEO agency in Calgary, we blend creativity with SEO expertise, enhancing your online presence and driving meaningful engagement. Elevate your content strategy with us.

International SEO Service In Calgary

Expand your reach beyond borders with Marketing Planet Agency’s International SEO Service in Calgary. As a premier Calgary SEO company, we specialize in optimizing your online presence for a global audience. Our SEO consultants in Calgary develop tailored strategies to navigate diverse markets and languages, ensuring your brand’s global visibility and success. Trust us for comprehensive, world-class SEO solutions.

Site Speed Optimization Service In Calgary

Accelerate your website’s performance with Marketing Planet Agency’s Site Speed Optimization Service in Calgary. As a leading SEO firm in Calgary, we focus on enhancing your site’s loading speed, crucial for user experience and SEO rankings. Our Calgary SEO experts implement cutting-edge techniques to optimize speed, ensuring your site outperforms competitors. Fast, efficient websites start with our specialized service.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Service In Calgary

Maximize your website’s potential with Marketing Planet Agency’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Service in Calgary. As a top Calgary SEO company, we specialize in turning visitors into customers. Our expert team employs data-driven strategies to enhance user experience and increase conversions. Trust our Calgary SEO services to refine your website’s journey, boosting engagement and driving business growth with effective CRO techniques.

Content Marketing Strategies Service In Calgary

Elevate your brand with Marketing Planet Agency’s Content Marketing Strategies Service in Calgary. As a premier SEO agency in Calgary, we develop bespoke content plans that resonate with your target audience and enhance SEO performance. Our Calgary SEO consultants create engaging, valuable content, driving traffic and building brand authority. Rely on us for strategic, impactful content marketing solutions in Calgary.

SEO For Industry in Calgary

SEO For Home Repairs & Renovation Contractors Calgary

SEO For Home Repairs & Renovation Contractors Calgary

Boost your home repair and renovation business in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s specialized SEO services. As a leading Calgary SEO firm, we tailor strategies to elevate contractors in local search results. Our expert team understands the unique Calgary market, optimizing your online presence to connect with homeowners effectively. Trust us to drive growth and visibility for your contracting business in Calgary.

Lawyer SEO | Calgary Law Firm SEO Services

Lawyer SEO | Calgary Law Firm SEO Services

Dominate the legal market in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s Lawyer SEO services. As the best SEO company in Calgary, we offer specialized SEO strategies for law firms. Our local SEO Calgary experts enhance your firm’s online visibility, attracting more clients. Benefit from our professional SEO services Calgary, as we position your legal practice at the forefront of search results.

SEO Strategies for Interior Design Businesses in Calgary

SEO Strategies for Interior Design Businesses in Calgary

Transform your interior design business’s online presence in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s tailored SEO strategies. As a leading Calgary SEO firm, we specialize in elevating interior design businesses in search rankings. Our local SEO Calgary experts craft bespoke solutions to showcase your design portfolio, attracting more clients. With our professional SEO services, make your mark in Calgary’s vibrant interior design industry.

SEO for Automotive Dealerships in Calgary

SEO for Automotive Dealerships in Calgary

Accelerate your dealership’s success in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s specialized SEO for Automotive Dealerships. As a premier Calgary SEO company, we drive your online visibility, connecting you with more customers. Our tailored strategies focus on the unique needs of Calgary’s auto market, ensuring your dealership ranks high. Trust our expertise for impactful automotive SEO solutions in Calgary.

SEO for Tech Startups in Calgary

SEO for Tech Startups in Calgary

Propel your tech startup in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s cutting-edge SEO strategies. As a leading Calgary SEO firm, we specialize in elevating tech startups in search rankings. Our innovative approach targets the unique digital landscape of the tech industry, ensuring your startup gains visibility and traction. Partner with us for dynamic SEO solutions tailored to Calgary’s tech sector.

Calgary SEO for Non-Profit Organizations

Calgary SEO for Non-Profit Organizations

Amplify your non-profit’s mission in Calgary with Marketing Planet Agency’s tailored SEO services. As a compassionate Calgary SEO company, we understand the unique needs of non-profits. Our strategies enhance your online presence, connecting you with supporters and donors. We focus on impactful storytelling and visibility, helping your cause resonate in the Calgary community. Elevate your non-profit with our dedicated SEO expertise.

SEO Strategy

Topical Map

Navigate the landscape of content relevance with Marketing Planet Agency’s Topical Map service. As a strategic Calgary SEO firm, we create comprehensive topical maps that guide your content creation, ensuring it aligns with user intent and search trends. Our approach boosts your topical authority, enhancing SEO and audience engagement. Elevate your content strategy with our expertly crafted topical maps in Calgary.

Keyword Mapping

Unlock the full potential of your SEO with Marketing Planet Agency’s Keyword Mapping service in Calgary. Our expert team strategically aligns keywords with your website’s content, ensuring maximum relevance and search engine visibility. As a leading Calgary SEO agency, we optimize your content’s reach and effectiveness, driving targeted traffic and improving user experience. Elevate your SEO strategy with our precise keyword mapping solutions.

Content Gap Analysis

Identify and fill critical content gaps with Marketing Planet Agency’s Content Gap Analysis service in Calgary. As a top Calgary SEO company, we analyze your current content against competitors, uncovering opportunities to enhance your SEO and audience engagement. Our detailed analysis ensures your content strategy addresses unmet needs, positioning you as a leader in your industry. Elevate your content with our expert analysis.

Backlink Gap Analysis

Strengthen your SEO strategy with Marketing Planet Agency’s Backlink Gap Analysis in Calgary. As a leading Calgary SEO agency, we assess your backlink profile against competitors, identifying opportunities to build stronger connections. Our analysis pinpoints areas for improvement, enhancing your site’s authority and search rankings. Gain a competitive edge with our thorough backlink analysis, tailored for success in Calgary’s digital landscape.

Website Security and SEO

Secure your online presence with Marketing Planet Agency’s Website Security and SEO service in Calgary. As a premier Calgary SEO firm, we understand the critical link between website security and SEO performance. Our comprehensive approach safeguards your site from threats while optimizing for search engines, ensuring trust and higher rankings. Invest in robust security and SEO for a resilient digital footprint in Calgary.

SEO for E-commerce Websites

Transform your e-commerce success with Marketing Planet Agency’s specialized SEO services. In Calgary, we tailor strategies to boost your online store’s visibility and sales. Our team optimizes product listings, enhances user experience, and implements targeted keywords, ensuring your e-commerce site ranks high and attracts customers. Elevate your digital store with our expert SEO, driving growth and competitive advantage in Calgary’s market.

Achieve First Page Google Rankings with Calgary SEO Experts

Elevate your website’s visibility with our Calgary SEO experts at Marketing Planet Agency. As a leading Calgary SEO company, we specialize in driving your website to the top of Google rankings. Our professional Calgary SEO services employ best practices to enhance your organic search visibility, ensuring your site is easily found and drives more local traffic. Partner with us for strategic SEO solutions that make a real difference in your online presence.

Fuel Faster Growth for Your Calgary Business with SEO

Accelerate your Calgary business’s growth with our data-driven SEO strategies. At Marketing Planet Agency, a top SEO agency in Calgary, we focus on creating sales opportunities through strategic site optimization. Our local SEO Calgary approach targets your ideal customers, driving relevant traffic and fostering business expansion. Trust us to unlock your business’s full potential with our expert SEO services.

Stand Out from the Competition with Custom Calgary SEO Solutions

Distinguish your business in Calgary’s competitive market with Marketing Planet Agency’s custom SEO solutions. As one of the best SEO companies in Calgary, we tailor our strategies to your unique business needs. Our comprehensive SEO services in Calgary are designed to give you a competitive edge, ensuring your business stands out and thrives in the digital landscape.

Experienced Calgary SEO Consultants Focused on ROI

Our experienced Calgary SEO consultants at Marketing Planet Agency are dedicated to more than just driving traffic; we aim for high-converting traffic that generates leads and sales. As a premier SEO firm in Calgary, our focus is on delivering maximum ROI, combining strategic insights with practical solutions to boost your business’s online success and profitability.

Trusted Partners in Growing and Protecting Your Brand in Calgary

At Marketing Planet Agency, we’re more than just an SEO provider; we’re your partners in building and safeguarding your brand in Calgary. Our comprehensive SEO and digital marketing services extend beyond typical optimizations, focusing on enhancing and protecting your overall brand presence. Trust our team to be your reliable ally in the Calgary market, offering professional SEO services Calgary businesses can depend on.

Calgary SEO Company You Can Rely On for Real Results

Choose Marketing Planet Agency for SEO services that deliver tangible business results. As a trusted Calgary SEO firm, we’re committed to elevating your brand and surpassing your expectations with our reliable and effective SEO strategies. Our team of Calgary SEO consultants is dedicated to providing solutions that not only improve your search rankings but also contribute to your long-term business success.

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